Native American Assembly - December 1, 9:30-10:15 a.m. 


DCC has graciously supported an opportunity for our student artists and leaders to experience an authentic demonstration of Native American dancers, storytellers and drummers in a presentation of  traditional music and ceremonial dance. This assembly will be an awesome opportunity for our student artists to take their classroom experience into real life.  


Spring Festival of the Arts -  Wednesday, May 24, 2017   More Information to follow



March is Reading Month!

Open House/Curriculum Night Handouts:
Guided Reading Levels Aligned with AR Levels
Culture of Creation
Accelerated Reader Home Connect
Type to Learn 4

Curiosity Kits 2016-2017
Makey Makey

Article: Books to Read Before They're Movies in 2017
Article: 7 Media Resolutions Every Family Should Make in 2017

Dog Days at the Novi Public Library



Musicals! Please mark your Calendars!

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Spring Festival of the Arts.......Wednesday, May 24th, evening, more information to follow.



Physical Education

Jump Rope for Heart Event: Saturday, February 11th


Jump Rope for Heart Event:
As a district, we will celebrate our combined efforts with a huge JRFH event on Saturday, February 11th. Check-in will begin at 8:00 am at the Novi High School field house. The event will celebrate the hard work and dedication of our NCSD community. Not only will your student(s) be jumping a lot of rope, but the will also get the chance to try some new jump rope tricks as well. A jump rope team is coming in for a special performance and there will be a big raffle at the very end of the event. We will also have the concession stand open. Deerfield students are to wear a yellow shirt to the event! As the day gets closer, expect more information from me. I hope to see you there! (please note: your student does not have to raise money in order to attend the event).

JRFH Envelope:
Your student(s) has received their official Jump Rope for Heart fundraising envelope. Please take the time to read it carefully. The envelope has several things listed on it. I will describe each below. PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR STUDENT TO SCHOOL WITH THEIR JRFH MONEY. Mr. Taylor DOES NOT collect funds until the day before the event, or at the event.

1) Permission slip: On the envelope there is a permission slip for the students who are going to attend the event. You may choose to turn it in when you check-in at the event, or you can send it to school with your student and have them give it to Mr. Taylor.
2) Coupon: Above the permission slip, there is a coupon for your student(s) first instant gift. After your student(s) has raised their first $5 in donations (whether its online or in paper form) they can bring in this coupon to school and turn it in to Mr. Taylor. They will then receive their lanyard, and a Rory McFiercely key-chain.
3) Online Fundraising:
Last year, most of our population raised funds online. Follow the steps below to create your student(s) web page. Then you can send that link out to anyone you know who is willing to donate. I recommend using your social media to reach out to people for donations

  Go to www.heart.org/jump 
  Choose our state and city. 
  Select our school and join our team.

4) Fund Collection Envelope:
If your student(s) chooses to, they can collect money in their envelope. They simply put the money in the envelope and record who it was that donated and the amount of their donation. Have them keep it in a safe place. As stated above, Mr. Taylor does not collect envelopes until the day before the event, or the day of the event itself.