Business and Finance



Business Office Mission Statement

We will use our combined efforts to provide professional and courteous support for the benefit of our school community.





Name                      Title  Telephone Fax  Email 
Steve Barr   Asst. Superintendent   248-449-1209  248-449-1219 
Deanna Birrell Director of Finance      248-449-1217  248-449-1215 
Jody Malbon Payroll                         248-449-1416 248-449-1215
Sheila McDonnell Benefits/Payroll  248-449-1415 248-449-1215 
Beth Henderson  Accounting Asst.  248-449-1210 248-449-1215 
Christine Diatikar Executive Asst. 248-449-1218 248-449-1219 


Please call Jody Malbon, Deanna Shoemaker, Sheila McDonnell or Beth Henderson with any payroll questions.