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May 18, 2018
Week 34: Embracing challenges

Your willingness to walk the challenging path has allowed lives to change

May 11, 2018
Week 33: Reaping the benefits

It is never too late to be nice, supportive, and kind

April 27, 2018
Week 32: We're all on a journey

We cannot become what we need to be or what we were meant to be by remaining what we are

April 20, 2018
Week 31: Measuring true success

Remember to find success by treating each other with respect

April 13, 2018
Week 30: It's never too late

You can definitely get to where you need to be

March 29, 2018
Week 29: Don't get stuck in a hole

Don't let the story end in a negative way

March 23, 2018
Week 28: Creating a powerful symphony

Our staff knows it takes a whole orchestra to create beautiful music

March 16, 2018
Week 27: Together we are better

This week our students experienced a greater fulfillment

March 9, 2018
Week 26: Together we're stronger

What happens when we lose our way?

March 2, 2018
Week 25: Surviving tough times

Do we put the blinders on during tough times, and only look at what is good for us?

February 23, 2018
Week 24: Reframing failure

Without failure we will never become who we were meant to be

February 16, 2018
Week 23: Thank you!

Those who work in schools are a special breed

February 9, 2018
Week 22: Embrace the unexpected

Hopefully we can find joy in the lessons that we learn

February 2, 2018
Week 21: All for One

Game gave Novi, Brighton students an opportunity to be part of something bigger than themselves

January 26, 2018
Week 20: We're halfway home

The school year has reached the halfway mark, but there's plenty more to do

January 19, 2018
Week 19: It's never too late

We – you and me – are here to make a difference

January 12, 2018
Week 18: Taking unpredictability out of schools

We can laugh at Michigan's unpredictabile weather, but our schools shouldn't be so uncertain 

December 22, 2017
Week 17: Wishing the merriest of holidays

With sincere apologies to Haven Gillespie, who wrote the lyrics to Santa Claus is Comin' to Town

December 15, 2017
Week 16: Unexpected gifts

Remember many of the gifts we enjoy are made possible by the hard work of others

December 8, 2017
Week 15: What do we live for?

May we all live our lives in such a way that other lives are made less difficult

December 1, 2017
Week 14: A world without labels

Look at people and appreciate their gifts

November 22, 2017
Week 13: Make today count

May your Thanksgiving be a day that counts for you and your family

November 17, 2017
Week 12: controlling our narrative

We don't have to let life become old, stale, boring

November 10, 2017
Week 11: A simple thank you is enough

Try to remember the kind things that happen to us

November 3, 2017
Week 10: Finding ways to work together

We can choose to complain about our problems or we can choose to do something

October 27, 2017
Week 9: Every day people get thrown away

Every day we have a chance to take a "throw away kid" and make them feel part of the group