2018 Post Secondary Plans

2018 Post-Secondary Plans

This form needs to be completed to ensure that your final transcript is sent to the university, college, or military branch you will be attending.  Please be sure the address is accurate. Please submit the form only once.  If you have a change, notify Mrs. Hogan in the Student Services office.   If you are undecided between universities or awaiting admittance,  list all addresses to send a transcript.  Include on this form the TOTAL dollar amount of ALL scholarships you were offered regardless of whether or not you will be attending the college/university that offered the scholarship(s) or accepting them.  This form must be completed by May 20th!

Help for Name of College/University attending this fall 2018 If you are undecided enter the names of all schools you are still considering.
Help for Scholarships offered (enter name of each school and total amount for 4 years) List all scholarship amounts based on 4 years of college. For example, if you were offered a Merit Scholarship of $1000/year that would equal $4000.
Help for Total Dollar Amount of All Scholarhships Offered $ .00