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2nd Grade Authors

Jonathan London

Byrd Baylor

Jane Yolen 

Maribeth Boelts 

Barbara Park 

Beverly Cleary  

More Author Websites

ALA Authors

Socrative Website      Socrative Student

Classroom Number: ohlmc

Orchard Hills Library Media Center Wiki Pages

In School: http://wildcatwiki.ncs.local/groups/ohmedia 
At Home:  http://wildcatwiki.novi.k12.mi.us/groups/ohmeda


Orchard Hills Library Media Center Google Classroom


  • 4th Grade Code: 7hkhxh

  • 3rd Grade Code: au25so

Animal Reports

Common Sense Media            digital passport (1)  



Have Fun with Coding



San Diego Zoo


Fifty States Website       US States


Dr. Seuss Websites  cat in the hat


Biography Websitesbiography





Online Dictionary / Thesaurus

Fact Monster eLibrary Reference Database

Encyclopedia, Almanac, Atlas



Spider Unit                   Spider 



Holiday Websites Turkey pic

All Grade Levels  



Dewey Decimal Websites

 All Grade Levels



3rd Grade Links

1. BBC Typing
2. Only Typing Games
3. Guess the Word
4. Order in the Library
6. Mapping the USA
7. USA Map
8. Brain Games
9. Math Games
10. Time for Kids
11. National Geographic for Kids
12. Zoobooks
13. Legends, Myths and Fairytales
14. Michigan Facts from World Atlas
15. Place the State Puzzle
16. Kids Geology
17. Kids' Planet

4th Grade Links

1. BBC Typing
2. Ben's Guide to U.S. Government
3. Kid Stuff from Michigan Historical Society
4. Only Typing Games
5. U.S. Geography Games
6. 50 States - Research #1
7. 50 States - Research #2
8. 50 States - Research #3
9. World Geography Games
10. Zoobooks
11. Time for Kids
12. National Geographic for Kids
13. Sheppard Brain Games
14. Science Experiments for Kids
15. Free Rice
16. Weather Wiz Kids
17. Space Place - Solar System
18. Nasa for Kids

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