Bear Club October 2012
Bear Club October 2012
Bear Club October 2012
Bear Club October 2012
Bear Club October 2012
Bear Club October 2012

Level One Bank Offers Incentives for our B.E.A.R. Club – Read Every Day and Consider Starting a Savings Account!
Level One Bank is happy to sponsor Parkview’s B.E.A.R. Club. We are proud of all the children that are participating in the reading program. Their effort to read at home every day is truly amazing!  Saving money at a young age is just as important as learning to read. Come in and open your child’s account and help them to develop good saving habits early. Contact Linda Abraham at for more information on Level One Bank, or visit our website at



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George, Vivian                    Ms. Buscemi

Green, Garrett                   Ms. Buscemi

Kashyap, Anuva                  Ms. Buscemi

Krothapalli, Agastya          Ms. Buscemi

Shirakabe, Luna                 Ms. Buscemi

Tortelli, Michella               Ms. Buscemi

Vodela, Ojasvi                   Ms. Buscemi

Wang, Peter                      Ms. Buscemi

Zybell, Laura                     Ms. Buscemi

Fonda, Stefan                   Mrs. Dye

Kaza, Nidhi                        Mrs. Dye

Kemmerer, Kyle                 Mrs. Dye

Rangaraju, Sharad             Mrs. Dye

Wou, Grace                        Mrs. Dye

Chamedia, Aman                 Mrs. Garbooshian

Gunturi, Abhinav                Mrs. Garbooshian

Chandra, Ravit                   Mrs. Mendoza

Curtiss, Nathan                 Mrs. Mendoza

Das, Leo                            Mrs. Mendoza

Sivakumar, Megna             Mrs. Mendoza

Truckel, Lewis                   Mrs. Mendoza

Yamamoto, Yuto                Mrs. Mendoza