The PTO at Village Oaks is an acronym that stands for Village Oaks Interested Citizens and Educators.  If you currently have a child attending Village Oaks Elementary, you are a member of VOICE.  As a member of VOICE, you have the opportunity to take part in many exciting activities and events!  Throughout the school year, we support the Principal, teaching staff, and most importantly, the children.  We also raise funds to support the many activities at Village Oaks.  Here are some examples:

Check out current Volunteer Opportunities and feel free to contact any of the members of the VOICE Board for assistance. Being part of the VOICE team is exciting, rewarding and important in the life of your child. 

How you can support PTO at Village Oaks:

VOICE meetings are held three times a year.  Sue Burnham, a teacher representative and your VOICE board will be in attendance.  Please join us as we discuss upcoming events and receive useful updates on activities in the school!