Math Club

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(Registration for 2016-2017 season coming soon)

MATH CLUB @ VILLAGE OAKS (2015-2016 season)


The Math Club at Village Oaks is run entirely by the parent volunteers and uses the game boards
purchased from the Mathematics Pentathlon Institute. The Mathematics Pentathlon is a program
of interactive problem-solving games, supportive curricular and instructional activities, and
assessment tools for students. This motivational program strengthens basic math concepts and
skills, aligns with National and State Mathematics Standards, and stimulates creative thinking
while developing problem-solving skills. Visit for more details or email
with subject line Questions to or call VOMC coordinators
@ Radovanka Cosar # 248-747-1729 or Kanu # 248-579-0860.


Students learn the five Mathematics Pentathlon Games and related activities within the appropriate
Division (grade levels):
- Division I (Grades K & 1)
- Division II (Grades 2 & 3)
Division III (Grade 4)
Each division has five board games and up to four students can play at each board game.
Enrollment will be on first come first serve basis. There is no fee since the school has purchased
the game boards from the Pentathlon Institute and sessions are conducted by parent volunteers.
Parents are requested to check their vacation and work schedules to ensure their commitment to
the program prior to enrolling their kids. It becomes very hard to add/drop kids in the middle of
the session.


Village Oaks School Cafeteria or Project room (tentative venues)
Day: Every Thursday
Start Time: 8:10 AM, End time: 8:55 AM
Pack up & Form lines to go to classroom: 8:55 - 9:00 AM


- Child must be currently enrolled in Village Oaks Elementary School.
- Parent/Guardian must agree to learn one or more games either through a training session
or from other parent volunteer.
- Parent/Guardian must proctor the game per assignment on the date specified in the
schedule. On a rotation basis, this is once every 3 – 4 weeks.
- Enrollment deadline –  (check back soon)
- Make sure you are registered for Village Oaks ListServ email from the Principal to get
more upcoming information about the club. 


1) Enter Cafeteria from Door #3 or enter from main gate to go to Project room
2) ALL Parents must sign-in Kids at the Math Club.
3) Parents not volunteering for that day can leave (unless they want to stay and watch).
4) Parents volunteering on a day must assist with setting up games on tables per Floor Map (to be
sent). Note: We have arranged for School custodian to setup and dismantle the tables per the floor


1) Pack the games in their respective boxes (Div. I, II and III) – Hand over the packed game boxes
to one of the coordinators.
2) Once the 2nd bell rings at 9:05 AM Parent Volunteers will have the Math Club Kids walk to
their classrooms.


Parent Schedules will be finalized after the trainings and will be sent out on somewhere around
Oct 25th. Parents will be grouped by game and this schedule is used to identify the days on which
you will be proctoring. The schedule will include each parent's email & phone number. If you are
slotted for that day, please bring a copy of the schedule with you, so you know which students you
are teaching to. If you are not available on the particular day you are scheduled for, please
arrange for substitution/swap within your own game group parents and inform the
coordinators by sending an email to Student Schedules will be sent out every week on Tuesday. This will serve as a reminder as well as an aid to ensure the right groups of students are learning the game.


Math Pentathlon Institute will conduct paid training ($15) on somewhere in end Sept or 1st week
of Oct (Walled Lake or Rochester Hills) for parents interested in learning directly from Math Pentathlon. Parents are encouraged to attend and learn all games for their respective divisions. Refer to for details. The first two parents to register from each division will be reimbursed the cost of training and will have to train other parents a week later. There will also be an optional all-day training ($65) somewhere near the end Sept or 1st week of Oct (Farmington Hills).


The Pentathlon institute conducts tournament Participation in tournament around April and May. Participation is optional. For details visit: