Presale Ticket Packets came home with students last week.  These envelopes are to be used to purchase tickets for the Spring Fling activities at a discounted price.  Orders will be filled and returned with your child each day during the week of Spring Fling (April 24-28).  Choose the package(s) that is best for your family!


(As a courtesy, please return the envelope, whether ordering or not.  They are reused yearly.)



How to place your order:


1. Choose from the package(s) above. For one child to play all of the games at least once, you will need at least 50 game tickets. Check out the FOOD MENU and RAFFLE PRIZES to help determine your family's ticket needs.

2. Complete the order form and send back with your child with exact cash or check payable to:

Novi Community School District or NCSD

3. All of your tickets will be returned to your child at school with further instructions. 

NOTE:  Given that this is a fundraiser, no refunds or exchanges will be allowed on tickets.

How do the raffles work?

General Raffle:  Place your YELLOW tickets in the raffle drum in the gym the night of Spring Fling.  Consider making this your first stop of the evening, starting at 5:30pm as many tickets will be drawn every 30 minutes starting at 6:00pm.  You could win one or more prizes from a list of over 100 items!

Pick-A-Prize Raffle:  Drop your YELLOW tickets into the box in front of a specific prize, including this year’s Disney World Grand Prize, in the gym between 5:30-7:30pm. This is your chance to take home one of the themed Classroom Baskets as well! Mrs. Burnham will announce the winners in the gym at 8:00pm.

Special Day Fun (Lunch With A Teacher and Principal For A Day) Your child could win a very memorable day, enjoying lunch with their favorite teacher or giving Mrs. Burnham a day off by becoming Principal for a day! Be sure to fill your child's name on the back of the GREEN tickets and drop them off in the gym between 5:30-7:30pm. Winners will be announced at school on Monday, May 1.