2015-2016 Focused Writers Wall Of Fame

Ra'Yanah's Story by Ra'Yanah Mrs. Secord

All About Signs by Aaron - Mrs. Rice 

Apples by Emma - Mrs. Cyrus 

Sunday Night Football by Dylan - Mrs. Siarto 

Alaina's Story by Alaina - Mrs. Secord 

Goodnight Rituals by Addison - Mrs. Siarto 

Five Senses in Fall by Nian - Mrs. Cyrus

Kathryn's story by Kathryn - Mrs. Hand

Brady's Story by Brady - Mrs. Secord 

Ruby's math boxes by Ruby - Mrs. Cracraft 

Sarayu's Story by Sarayu - Mrs. Hand

7 Habits by Brayden - Mrs. Rice

Saving the Dolphins by Maddy - Mrs. Hand

Reading Response by Anotonio - Mrs. Siarto 

My Delicious New Candy Bar by Clara - Mrs. Cyrus 

Alli's story by Alli - Mrs. Siarto 

Martial Arts by Urvash - Mrs. Ashkanani

Amazing Music by Peyton - Mrs. Smith

The Dizzy Spinpole by Srimedha - Mrs. Smith 

Climb up Swing Down on the Dome by Oliver - Mrs. Smith

Cydnei's story by Cydnei - Miss Faucher 

Owen's story by Owen - Mrs. Cyrus

Brayden's Story by Brayden - Mrs. Cyrus 

 Snowy Owl by Yunhee - Mrs. Secord

Sota's story by Sota - Miss Faucher

Avaneesh's story by Avaneesh - Mrs. Lessway

Zoom! Zoom! Goes the Spinpole! by Jackson - Mrs. Smith

The Awesome Gym by Gavin - Mrs. Smith

Julian's story by Julian - Mrs. Lessway

Read Read in Media by Tanay - Mrs. Smith

Will's story by Will - Mrs. Lessway

Max's story by Max - Miss Faucher

Ethan's story by Ethan - Miss Faucher

Art Yipy! by Piya - Mrs. Rice

La La La It's Time for Music by Kavini - Mrs. Secord 

Novella's story by Novella - Mrs. Lessway 

All About Media by Jason M. - Mrs. Secord 

Claire's story by Claire - Miss Faucher 

Chris's Story by Chris - Mrs. Corwin 

Learning About Garbage Trucks by Sarab - Mrs. Lessway

Star by Martina - Mrs. Lessway

Science by Bianca - Mrs. Lessway 

My Thanksgiving Weekend by Sydney - Mrs. Rice 

Thank you, Hero by James - Mrs. Hand

Thank you, Hero by Eric - Mrs. Hand

Thank you, Hero by Priscilla - Mrs. Hand 

Jenna's Story by Jenna - Mrs. Myrand

Ray's Story by Ray - Mrs. Myrand

Yeonhwa's Story by Yeonhwa - Miss Faucher

Yaaaaa! It's time for Media! by Madisyn  - Mrs. Secord

How to Brush Your Teeth by Zachary - Mrs. Secord 

I Can See by Justin  - Mrs. Lessway

Gingerbread House by Karthikeya - Mrs. Malczewski

Decorating the Tree by Lily - Mrs. Lessway

Christmas Tree by Mackenzie - Mrs. Lessway

Miah's Story by Miah - Miss Faucher

The Christmas Surprise by Rachana - Mrs. Rice 

Macy's Story by Macy - Miss Faucher

Rock and Roll Roll a Coaster by Caleb - Mrs. Hand

Snow by Lalah - Mrs. Lessway

Snow by Ethan - Mrs. Lessway

Winter Winter Winter by Pedro - Mrs. Faucher 

The Day the Crayons Quit First Grade Performance by Sidhant - Mrs. Rice 

Winter by Austin - Mrs. Lessway

Winter Break by Mariella - Mrs. Smith

My Favorite Gift From Mrs. M. by Diya - Mrs. Malczewski

Winter 2016 by Macy - Mrs. Lessway

Tyler's story by Tyler - Mrs. Myrand

Sosuke's story by Sosuke - Mrs. Myrand

Madeline's story by Madeline - Mrs. Myrand

The Day the Crayons Quit First Grade Performance by Keira - Mrs. Rice

Winter Break by Rodrigo - Mrs. Rice 

Kaitlyn's Story by Kaitlyn - Miss Faucher 

Sohpia's Story by Sophia - Miss Faucher

Happy New Year by Alex - Mrs. Hand

Happy New Year by Jordyn - Mrs. Hand

Snowmen at Night by Debakshi - Mrs. Hofbauer

Building a Snowman by Cameron - Mrs. Gilbo

Looking for a job by Sreya - Mrs. Gilbo

Ryan's Story by Ryan - Mrs. Lessway

The Crayon Show by Enzo - Mrs. Myrand

Tanvi's story by Tanvi - Mrs. Malczewski

Abe Lincoln by Vivian - Mrs. Siarto

Hailyn's Story by Hailyn - Mrs. Cyrus

Robert's Story by Robert - Mrs Malczewski

Robot Jellyfish by Liam - Mrs. Gilbo

A Time at Bronner's Christmas Wonderland by Nami- Mrs. Gilbo

What is your dream vacation? Why? by Koharu - Mrs. Gilbo

How to Brush your Teeth by Anthony - Mrs. Secord

Annabelle's Story by Annabelle - Mrs. Malczewski

Keira's Story by Keira - Mrs. Malczewski

Swim Class by Jenna - Mrs. Malczewski

Shaped Polygon by Alex, Yug, and Jordyn - Mrs. Hand

Jillian's Story by Jillian - Mrs. Lessway

Menzee's Story by Menzee - Miss Faucher

When I helped my Uncle by Rohan - Mrs. Gilbo

Ellyanna's Story by Ellyanna - Mrs. Myrand

Wow! the Great Wall of China by Marissa - Mrs. Hand

Heart Stories by Arya - Mrs. Lessway

Heart Stories by Genta - Mrs. Lessway

All About Sea Stars by Jonathan - Mrs. Secord

The Snowball Fight by Greg - Mrs. Gilbo

My Weird Glasses by Mackenzie - Mrs. Gilbo

Travis's Story by Travis - Mrs. Lessway

Snowballs by Jaskirat - Mrs. Gilbo

Janaki's Story by Janaki - Mrs. Myrand

The Marshmellow Birthday by Lindsay - Mrs. Gilbo

Sawyer's Story by Sawyer - Mrs. Myrand

Reaghan's Story by Reaghan - Mrs. Rice

Charlie's Story by Charlie - Mrs. Rice

Kanon's Story by Kanon - Mrs. Brostman

The Best Snow Day! by Zach - Mrs. Rice

Lily's Story by Lily - Mrs. Lessway

Samantha's Story by Samantha - Mrs. Myrand

Extreme Explorer by Julianna - Mrs. Saven

Hooked on a Tree by Alivia - Mrs. Gilbo

My First Time in the USA by Mitun - Mrs. Gilbo

How to Catch a Fish by Nolan - Mrs. Smith

How to Ride a Bike without Training Wheels by Nikitha - Mrs. Smith

How to Ride a Bike by Mahitha - Mrs. Smith

Cake by Callie - Mrs. Malczewski

Davion's Story by Davion - Mrs. Malczewski

Christmas Delight by Taiesha - Mrs. Brostman

Arya's Story by Arya - Mrs. Lessway

Macy's Story by Macy - Mrs. Lessway

Sheikh's Story by Sheikh - Miss Faucher

Katherine's Story by Katherine - Mrs. Myrand

Snow Tag by Manasi - Mrs. Secord

Violet's Adventure by Ivie - Mrs. Brostman

Will's Story by Will - Miss Lessway

How to Ice Skate by Serena - Mrs. Fosdick

Teeth by Shivani - Mrs. Hand

The Mystery of the Stolen Artifact by Sarayu - Mrs. Hand

Being Invisible by Bella King - Mrs. Pas

All About Cat's by Martina - Mrs. Lessway

Medicine by Justin - Mrs. Lessway

Rylee's story by Rylee - Mrs. Malczewski

Morgan's Story by Morgan - Mrs. Malczewski

Chaaniyaa by Chaaniyaa - Mrs. Secord

All About Santa by Ethan - Mrs. Lessway

My Birthday by Ameyaa - Mrs. Malczewski

Marvelous snow Day by Rylin - Mrs. Rice

Awesome Snow Day by Levi - Mrs. Rice

Skating Fun by Eliana - Mrs. Smith

The Amazing Snowball Fight by Kaden - Mrs. Smith

The Coolest Snowball Fight by Landon - Mrs. Smith

Zoom!! Went the sleds!! by Shreyan - Mrs. Smith

How to Grow Carrots by John - Mrs. Fosdick

Pukins by Brandon - Miss Faucher

Volcanoes by Vihaan - Mrs. Myrand

Garyn's Story by Garyn - Mrs. Rice

It's Story Time by Aubrey - Mrs. Malczewski

Avaneesh's Story by Avaneesh - Mrs. Lessway

January by Emily - Mrs. Cyrus

Maitreya's Story by Maitreya - Mrs. Rice

How to Catch a Leprechaun by Abhinja - Mrs. Rice

Paisley's Story by Paisley - Miss Faucher

Max's Story by Max - Miss Faucher

Ethan's Story by Ethan - Miss Faucher

All About Monarch Butterflies by Kaitlyn - Miss Faucher

All About Baseball by Jack K. - Miss Faucher

All About Losing a Tooth by Ava - Mrs. Myrand

Koi's Story by Koi - Mrs. Secord

Mackenzie's Story by Mackenzie - Mrs. Lessway

Novella's Story by Novella - Mrs. Lessway

Swirly Slides by Jack M. - Mr. Guilmette

Chicks and Eggs by Abdullah - Mrs. Lessway

Chick by Julian - Mrs. Lessway

Chicks by Ethan - Mrs. Malczewski

Chicks by River - Mrs. Malczewski

All about Chicks by Sharanya - Miss Faucher

Katelyn's Story by Katelyn - Mrs. Lessway

Liam's Story by Liam - Mrs. Myrand

Max's Story by Max - Mrs. Myrand

Jack's Story by Jack - Mrs. Malczewski

Abhi's Story by Abhi - Mrs. Malczewski

Spring Break 2016 by Brayden - Mrs. Rice

Saha's Story by Sahas - Mrs. Rice

Awesome Alligators by Tanay - Mrs. Smith

The Human Body by Manyata - Mrs. Rice

Evan's Story by Evan - Mrs. Secord

My Animal Report on Penguins by Riya - Mrs. Smith

All About Dogs by Lisa - Mrs. Rice

My Animal Report on Penguins by Usayd - Mrs. Smith

Christmas Break by Alex V. - Mrs. Gilbo

A Good Place by Sharon - Mrs. Gilbo

Building a Sandcastle by Manjit - Mrs. Gilbo

Meeting My Friend by Beauvais - Mrs. Gilbo

Awesome Pool Day by Aldric - Mrs. Gilbo

The New Puppy by Brandon - Mrs. Gilbo

Pool Day by Kanan - Mrs. Gilbo

Royce's Story by Royce - Miss Faucher

What do you think about working on a computer? by Luca - Mrs. Myrand

What do you think about working on a computer? by Sreethan - Mrs. Myrand

Justin's story by Justin - Mr.s Lessway

Ethan's story by Ethan - Mrs. Lessway

What community helper would you like to be? by Aiden - Miss Faucher

My Favorite Pet by Abdullah - Mrs. Lessway

My Favorite Pet by Bianca - Mrs. Lessway

What Community helper would you like to be? by Royce - Miss Faucher

The Fabulous Whale by Emilia - Mrs. Smith

Pandas! Silly Pandas! by Mohitha - Mrs. Smith

Amazing Pandas by Nikitha - Mrs. Smith

Emma's Field Trip by Siddhi - Mrs. Brostman

The Amazing Lives of Whales by Riya - Mrs. Smith

Great Bats by Jesus - Mrs. Smith

All About Chameleons by Meghana - Mrs. Secord

The Amazing World of Whales by Srinedha - Mrs. Smith

Fantastic Chameleons by Jeremy - Mrs. Secord

What Community helper would you like to be? by Sheldon - Myrand

What community helper would you like to be? by Elli - Mrs. Myrand

What community helper would you like to be? by Katy - Mrs. Myrand

Personal letter by Amare - Mrs. Secord

Sharanya's story by Sharanya - Miss Faucher

My Favorite Pet by Matthew - Mrs. Myrand

Yuuki's story by Yuuki - Miss Faucher

Time to learn about baby pigs by Nithin - Mrs. Secord

Fantastic Baby Goats by Roshan - Mrs. Secord

Learning about baby goats by Ifechi - Mrs. Secord

I help the earth by... by Reaghan - Mrs. Rice

My Best Story by Varshini - Mrs. Malczewski

Nevaeh's story by Nevaeh - Mrs. Malczewski

Sarab's story by Sarab - Mrs. Lessway

How to Rollerskate by Knowledge - Mrs. Myrand

Alba's Story by Alba - Mrs. Myrand

All About Shapes by Rachana - Mrs. Rice

Juliette Low a true story by Nian - Mrs. Cyrus

My Animal Report on Frogs by Allison  - Mrs. Hofbauer

All About Butterflies by Lucas - Mrs. Secord

Splish! Splash! by Evan - Mrs. Secord