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2020-2021 Assessment Information

Dear NCSD Parent(s) or Guardian(s),

This year has gotten off to a successful start. I hope that for your student, and possibly you, are beginning to settle into the new routine of school. The Novi Community School District will use a variety of assessments this year, such as i-Ready (K-6), NWEA (7-10), Running Records for reading, locally designed assessments, and M-STEP regardless of modality to guide core-instruction. NCSD teachers use the data from these assessments to develop productive learning plans, design small learning groups, and identify areas of student strength and support.

NCSD District Assessment Plan

Hybrid Students

  • Teachers will assess students in school on their A or B day, when possible
  • Certain assessments, due to their online nature, will be taken at home. Teachers will communicate information about these assessments to students/parents

Virtual Students

  • Teachers will communicate information about the assessments to students/parents 
  • Virtual assessments will vary depending on grade level and subject

Guidelines for Assessments

  • Teachers, parents, and students will need to communicate and collaborate to start and finish these assessments in order to produce the most accurate data possible

  • If this data is inaccurate and doesn’t represent the student’s skills, we may miss opportunities to provide the right instructional support to your student

We are trusting in the partnership that we have with parents that assessments taken at home will reflect the work of the student and no one else; if it is not, we cannot properly help our students grow.

Thank you for your support of our learners as well as our educators as we navigate through these uncharted waters. We will provide more information to you soon about how best to support your students at home not only during the assessments, but after as well. Thank you for your time today, and your continued partnership with NCSD. Best wishes for a great school year.


Jeff Dinkelmann

Director of Student Growth and Accountability