Instructional Coaching Office

The goal of the Instructional Coaching office is to help teachers incorporate research-based best practices into their classrooms to maximize student achievement.

All of the district's instructional coaches have been trained in the Ontological and Cognitive Coaching models. We meet with teachers to help them think through challenges, plan lessons, find strategies and help struggling students succeed.

Currently, we have a Project Based Learning (PBL) specialist on staff. She has been trained in PBL and is National Faculty Member for the Buck Institute for Education (BIE) which is known for rigorous professional development in project based learning. In addition, purposeful technology integration is another facet of the PBL work in our district.

All of the staff members in the coaching office can model lessons in classrooms, or observe teaching and provide targeted feedback. We have sifted through the most current county, state and national-level initiatives, and chosen the most important information and training to share with Novi staff members. By working with district administrators and CALs, we provide training that is relevant and aligned with district goals.