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July 28 Frequently Asked Questions

ROAR Plan Questions and Answers

The ROAR Plan was shared with parents and our community on July 7. Since then, a number of questions have been asked about our Return to School Planning. 
Last week – July 21 - we shared answers to a series of questions. Those questions and answers can be found on our district website under the Academics Tab, the ROAR Plan link, July 21 Frequently Asked Questions.
We continue this week to update previous answers and tackle additional questions. The answers may undoubtedly create more questions which we will continue to answer in the days and weeks ahead. 
This work of finalizing our fall 2020 plans continues to be a work in progress. Parents and staff are asking good questions and providing good insight that helps us refine our thinking and improve our fall 2020 options. You will notice that some answers may change. This is not done to create confusion, but done to ensure that we have the best answers possible.
We continue to reflect and consider carefully how we can create a safe environment in the fall. We are weighing student, staff, and community safety concerns.  
We are eager to have our students return to school, but we understand our responsibility to create a safe environment for both students and staff. We are committed to providing that safe environment and will work with our staff and parents to find solutions that work for all of us and provide a high quality educational experience for our students.

Family, Community, School Cooperation

It is important to remember that none of the Novi Community School District plans will work unless we agree to work together. There are no perfect solutions for our return to school. Each option has both positive and negative elements. What we are searching for is a solution that we believe will support our students educationally and create a safe environment for students and staff. 

Working together also means that we will create safe environments for our students when they are not in school. 

Working together we can find our way.

Fall 2020 options

The Superintendent and administrative team will make a recommendation to the Board of Education. This recommendation is based on months of research, planning, and conversations with staff, parents, and community members. The recommendation is based on what the administrative team and I, the Superintendent, believe is best for the education of the students in our community school district. 

The Novi Community School District Board of Education has the final authority to approve the Novi Community School District Return to School Plan. 

The administrative recommendation to the Board of Education is as follows

  • Students should return to in-person instruction. 

    • A five day a week return to school is recommended

    • A hybrid approach is also provided if there are concerns about a five-day-a-week return

  • A robust virtual option will be provided for any family.

These recommendations will be presented to the Board of Education on Thursday, July 30. They will be asked to give final approval on Thursday, August 6 on our Return to School Plan. It is hoped that the Board will identify a direction on July 30 so that we can communicate with families next week and ask for a commitment.

I recognize that it is difficult to make a commitment without knowing all of the answers. However, not all of the answers are known at this time. The general framework provides a sense of what each option will be.