Fiber Optic Cable... What is it anyways?

 Fiber optic cable

An optical fiber cable is a cable containing one or more optical fibers that are used to carry light.These cables connect each of the buildings in the district to the Instructional Technology Center and carry data.

Here's how it works:

Novi Schools has fiber optic cable between all buildings. How does it get to the buildings? Well, in some cases is travels underground. In other instances it is routed overhead on utility poles.

fiber from itc to pv.jpg

This is an example of underground fiber routing. The two black cables are located in a closet at the Instructional Technology Center and travel underground toward a building.  

hanhole 1st connection from itc to pv.jpg   Handhole

This is a hand hole. It is the first landing place for the fiber leaving the Instructional Technology Center and heading toward Parkview Elementary.   You can see the same fiber cable inside this hand hole that left the Instructional Technology Center. It takes 3 of these hand holes to travel to Parkview.

hanhole near back of ball diamond.jpg              hanhole toward back of pv.jpg

Once the fiber arrives near Parkview it must enter the building. It travels through a pipe and into a box.  A hole is drilled into the outside wall allowing the passage of the fiber into the building. The box is then sealed.

new fiber entry into PV.jpg

Inside the building the fiber connects to a fiber panel via cables in the main data closet.   There are 6 pairs of cables inside the cable that run between Parkview and the Instructional Technology Center. Only two are being used. The other 4 are saved for future connections or for emergency in case the fiber loses connection for some reason.  There is also a panel at the Instructional Technology Center. Those two pair of cables that are connected to the panel at Parkview on one end, connect to a panel on the other end at the Instructional Technology Center and that's how it's done!  There are network switches and routers on each end that manage the network. We'll cover that in Data Closets.

Here's a diagram of what it looks like from a bird's eye view.



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