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Novi Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC)

Special Education Parent Advisory Committee logo for Novi Community School District
The Novi Community Schools Special Education Parent Advisory Committee represents families with students receiving Special Education services in partnership with NCSD to empower each student to develop their highest potential through collaboration and communication.



  • Acts as a parent resource in collaboration with the NCSD Special Education Department. 
  • Solicits information from parents of students who receive special education services regarding needed areas of program development
  • Participates in problem solving discussion with special education administrators for program improvement
  • Provides information, expertise, representation and participation in an advisory capacity to the administration
For more information contact:
Novi Special Education PAC Representatives
  • Danielle Ruskin, Co-President
  • Jennifer Van Nortwick, Co-President
  • Debbie Mitre-Smith, Vice President
  • Sarah Carr, Secretary
  • Jorgia Basner, Treasurer / Fundraising
  • Ellen Hulverson, Oakland County Rep
  • Natasha Goodman, Oakland County Rep
  • Betty Ference, Above & Beyond Chairperson
  • Nisha Curran, Above & Beyond Chairperson

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