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Frontline School Health Questionnaire

Welcome to the Frontline School Health Questionnaire

Once you have registered, following the steps below, please use the Frontline Health Portal Mobile app or select the following website to log in to the Health Portal:

Self Register

Self-registration can be completed via our Mobile or Desktop application. (*Note, you do not need to register separately to gain access to both options.)

For Mobile, please go to the Apple App Store or Android Apps on Google Play, search for Frontline Health Portal, and download the app.

As a Desktop user, please select the following link to access the registration portal:  

You will need to register as a family with your personal email that was provided to the school district during your student registration. (*If both parents/guardians provided their emails to the school district, you may use one of the emails to start one account or both emails to start more than one account.)

Complete the following steps to continue your registration

If you have any questions or need additional support, please contact your building's secretary.