ESL Program

Winter Term Information  

WINTER TERM: FEB 4, 2019 TO JUNE 6, 2019  


  •   Section 1 - Meets Monday & Wednesday 

  •   Section 2 - Meets Tuesday & Thursday


To Register for Winter go to:   

Novi ESL Registration at Eventbrite


Registration Dates -

January 25, 2019   9:30 am   

January 30, 2-019  9:30 am                


  **************ALL CLASSES START AT 9:30 AM TO 12:30 PM********************



Advanced meets - Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday at 12:30 pm - to 2:45 pm


Call for more information at (248) 449-1717

Instructional Technology Center (ITC)

25345 Taft Road

Novi, MI 48374                                                          


Novi ESL Program

As part of our committment to fulfill the learning goals of our community, we are proud to offer Adult ESL classes. Offered weekly during the school year, we offer four levels of second language instruction in an immersive environment. 

Our first three levels are focused on grammar, writing and speaking exercises to assist students in reaching their english language goals. Our fourth level is largely conversation focused, helping students continue to improve a they use thier language skills.

We are additionally proud to offer several supplementary courses including an Evening class two days a week, a once-a-week supplemental conversation class and a unique community focused field trip class. 

All classes run September thorugh May. Levels one, two and three run in two sections, either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. Level four is offered three days a week. These classes as well as our evening class are offered based on a placement test given twice a year, in September and January. 

No placement test is required for our Field Trip or Conversation options and these classes are open to new students during the year.

If you have any questions, please let us know at