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Director making omelet.
Student showing off nutrigrain bar.
Cartons of 1% milk and chocolate milk.
Student at Omelet station.
Omelet food station.
Second chance breakfast cart at Novi High.
FARE Check Silver certification
Students selecting fruits and vegetables at farmers market at Village Oaks.
Two FS workers distributing food outside during pandemic
Pulled turkey sandwiches for Big City BBQ tasting.
Student selection raspberries at mood boost at Village Oaks Elementary.
Group of girls celebrating Mood Boost at Village Oaks Elementary.
Students getting second chance breakfast.
Mood Boost Set up at Novi Middle School.
Chef Donna speaking with students during Potato Power Discovery Kitchen at Deerfield.
Student selecting food at middle school mood boost.
Ramen Noodle Bowl closeup.
Wild Greens Salad Station offerings.
Deerfield students celebrating Apple Crunch Day.
Hockey player  with second chance breakfast.
Novi adult learners serving food to Novi High students .

Nutrition and Food Service Department

Food Services Provided By:

Chartwells Logo serving up happy and healthy




Mood Boost is here!

Mood Boost with elementary moodies

Featured in Food Service Director, Novi was the first district to roll out an innovative new concept teaching students about how the foods they eat affect their mood and performance.


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Nutrition and Food Services
25345 Taft Road
Novi, Michigan 48774

Office Phone: (248) 449-1200 x2020
Fax: (248) 449-1215
Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Kimberly Sinclair, Director






248-449-1200 x2020

Susan Rudnick, Executive Chef




Wellness policy  

The Board of Education recognizes that student wellness is integral to learning, growth and development.  The School District will promote proper nutrition and nutrition education, as well as regular physical activity, as steps toward student wellness.  The Superintendent will develop administrative regulations to implement this policy.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.