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Allergy management


FARE Check Silver certification

Novi Community School District Nutrition Department is FARECheck Certified!

We are committed to the safety of all of our guests! Foodservice associates at Novi Community School District have completed the FARECheck certified food allergen training program. FARECheck is a program that reviews and certifies food allergy training materials. This program was developed by Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) and is offered exclusively through Chartwells K12.

In order for us to best accomModate your child who requires special meals or foods, please be sure that this form is completed and on file with The Food & Nutrition Department.

If your student has any type of allergy an Allergy Management Plan should be completed.  The forms are completed every school year and are signed by a parent/guardian and health care provider.  The plans are reviewed by the Novi Community District Nurses and an alert is then placed in PowerSchool.  This alert can be seen on the student's profile to alert classroom, school and food service personnel of the allergy.  Novi Community School District takes allergies seriously and will work with families to ensure safety for all students.  If you have further questions regarding allergy procedures please reach out to our District Nurses - Cathy Farris at , 248-449-1616 or Danielle Stacer at, 248-675-3436


Link to Allergy Management plan


Meal Accommodation/Special Dietary Needs Form

To check menus for allergens be sure to utilize our Nutrislice menu system at which filters most common allergens allowing you to see what is safe for your child to eat.  For further allergen and ingredient information please contact the Food & Nutrition Director.  Please be aware with supply chain issues it is always important that student with allergies always contact the cafeteria manager to ensure the items were not substituted in delivery.


For any questions or further help please contact the Food & Nutrition Director Kimberly Sinclair at or 248-449-1225.