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The Novi Community School District policy states that if you reside within walking distance of the school your child attends, then your child is expected to walk.  The walk zone for the high school and middle school is one and one half miles.  The walk zone for all other schools is one mile.


Please remember these important safety procedures

  • Please have your child at the stop 5 minutes before the scheduled stop time.  Students should be at the stop when the bus arrives - not running from cars or homes.
  • If your child misses the bus, please do not drive them to another stop.  The driver is not expecting them and we don't want students running to the bus where they may be injured.  Please drive your child to school if they miss the bus.
  • If you drive your student to the bus stop, please park far enough away from the actual stop so the bus can safely get to the stop location.
  • We ask that you do not park in neighbor's driveways or have students running on their lawns.
  • If you drive your child to school, please drop them in the parent drop area and not the bus loop.  We don't want students walking between buses and possibly getting injured.
  • If your student is bringing a ball to school, it must fit in their backpack.  
  • We do not permit bats, golf clubs, lacrosse sticks, rackets, skateboards, sleds, etc. on the bus.  Please remember anything your student brings on the bus must fit on your child's lap.
  • If your child crosses at the bus stop, please wait and let the driver cross them.  We want to teach our students to always look at the driver and wait for their signal.  This is a skill that will keep them safe throughout their school career.  Students should NEVER cross behind the bus.
  • If you need to speak to the driver regarding your student, please let them know and they can call you when they get back to the office.  We ask that no one other than students try to board the bus.  We want to keep your children safe, and the drivers have been trained to close the doors if someone tries to board.


When waiting for the bus
  • Stay a safe distance from the roadway
  • Wait in a straight line
  • Walk to the bus when the door is opened
  • Use the handrail when boarding
Crossing in front of the bus
  • Before crossing, walk 15 feet in front of the bus
  • Look at the driver for a signal to cross
  • Look left and right
  • Keep watching for traffic as you walk
Please be sure to listen to the driver at all times.  All buses have assigned seats.  We ask that you sit in your assigned seat and remain seated.
There is no smoking, vaping, eating, drinking or gum chewing.  Please keep hands and heads inside the bus at all times.  Nothing should be thrown in the bus or out the windows. 
The aisles and emergency exits must remain clean at all times. Please remember there is no talking at railroad tracks.  Use quiet voices and follow classroom conduct while on the bus.
There is to be no photos or videos taken on the bus.  We ask that electronics be kept in your backpack while on the bus.


Students must ride their assigned bus and get on and off at their assigned stop.  We do not issue bus passes for your child to ride home with another student.


For high school, middle school, and Novi Meadows students, there will be main road only stops in the afternoon.  If the bus needs to pull in to a subdivision to turn around, there will be one stop.

Students may be expected to walk up to one mile for a bus stop.  Please remember it is the parents responsibility to supervise their child at a bus stop.  

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