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Benjamin Mainka, Superintendent

NCSD Wildcat Families,

The Novi Community School District is rich in diversity, academic opportunities, extra-curricular opportunities, and is a wonderful place for students to come, learn, grow, and achieve together.  I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing community.  Our facilities are state of the art in design enabling us to offer a wide range of opportunities in all areas of interest.

The District boasts of eleven preschool classrooms, five K-4 buildings, one middle school, one high school, a career prep high school, and an adult transition center.  The student academic growth in grades three through eight is 52 and the average SAT score is 1009.2, with SAT College and Career Readiness Benchmarks for 37.3%.  We have a 97% graduation rate.

Novi Community School District is one of the very few districts in the area to offer an alternative education program and we are proud to be able to offer this to all students who need this educational opportunity.  The Novi Career Prep High School provides these opportunities to, not only our Novi students, but extends its' offerings to students in the surrounding communities and beyond.  

The rich diversity of our District provides our students with the opportunity to learn beside and interact with many students from different cultures.  There are seventy-one different languages and dialects spoken throughout our community.

NCSD Demographics
Grade Level  American 
 White   Hispanic  African
 Asian  Total
K - 4 25 861 99 203 1209 2429
5 - 6 6 348 41 70 548 1023
7 - 8 5 355 52 91 535 1043
9 - 12 4 868 82 205 993 2158
District Total 40 2432 274 569 3285 6653
District Percentages 1% 37% 4% 9% 49%  

Along with the state mandated core subjects, the District also offers enhanced academic opportunities to our students at all grade levels. Our IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma program offers fourteen different courses and we have twenty-two different courses offered in our AP (Advanced Placement) program.

Grade Level Academic Opportunities
  K - 4   5 - 6  7 - 8   9 - 12
   Foreign Language  Foreign Language  Foreign   Language
 Physical   Education  Physical Education  Physical Education  Physical   Education
Robotics  Robotics  Robotics  Robotics
       IB Diploma
       AP Capstone
 Art  Art  Art  Art/Graphic   Design
 Vocal   Music  Vocal Music  Vocal Music Vocal Music
  Band/Orchestra Band/Orchestra  Band/Orchestra 
 Chibitronics   Makers Space/AutoCAD   Micro Bits  CAD (Computer   Aided Design)
   Advanced Math (7/8)  Advanced Math (Algebra/Geometry)   Dual   Enrollment 

Novi Community School District rounds out an amazing academic experience with a variety of extra-curricular activities at all grade levels.  These exciting choices are too numerous to list, so there are links below for students to choose from.

Extra-Curricular Clubs and Sport
 K - 4   5 - 6   7 - 8   9 - 12 
Deerfield  Clubs & Activities  Clubs & Activities Clubs & Activities
 Novi Woods        
Orchard Hills      
Village Oaks      

Benjamin J.A. Mainka, Superintendent

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