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August 8 Ballot Information

August 8 Proposed Millage Renewals

On Tuesday, August 8th, Novi Community School District residents will be asked to approve two (2) different millages; the Non-Homestead Operating Millage and the Recreation Millage.  Both of these millages, if approved, will result in no increase in taxes to primary homestead homeowners.  The Operating Millage will be for a period of 11 years, 2023 through 2033, and the Recreational Millage will be for 10 years, from 2024 through 2033.

The Non-Homestead Operating Millage is the school district's operating millage and has a direct affect on the per pupil foundation allowance that the district receives from the state.  This renewal, if approved, will keep the existing 18 mill tax levy on businesses, rental properties, and second homes.  

The Recreation Millage provides funding for maintenance and upkeep of district's recreational facilities in order to make them available for a variety of public activities.   Some of these activities include, this millage supports the community use of the high school pool, the gymnasiums in all of the buildings, district fields and courts for soccer, basketball, tennis, senior citizen use of the auditorium and band room, and other recreational uses.

The Q & A below offers more clarity on these two (2) proposed millage renewals.

August 8 Ballot Language

Millage Renewals Q & A