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Continuity of Learning

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During this unprecedented time, the Novi Community School District (NCSD) is working with our staff to ensure that all learners are able to access learning opportunities, focusing on providing an equity of opportunity.

Under the guidelines set forth in Executive Order 2020-35, the Novi Community School District will build upon its existing framework of providing students weekly Opportunities for Learning. This phase two will move into the area of new instruction, with teachers focusing on the most important areas left to be covered this school year. These Opportunities for Learning will be ungraded, students will be provided with formative feedback on work submitted. The goal for this new phase is to provide instruction on the most important subjects yet to be covered and mitigate as much knowledge loss as possible. 

Below you will find sample grade level specific Continuity of Learning Plan weekly schedules (Grades K-12).  The actual weekly schedules will be provided by your child’s teacher(s).

If you have questions about the activities or need support with any suggested work, please reach out to your child’s classroom teacher.

-The Office of Academics

Continuity of Learning Plan Application Template

Parent Concern Communication Flowchart

Approved Continuity of Learning Plan Letter from Oakland Intermediate School District