The Transportation Department is responsible for transporting approximately 4,500 students over 1,100 miles per day. All of our drivers must pass a criminal background check, possess a commercial driver's license (CDL), and submit to random drug testing throughout the year.

All of our drivers go thru extensive training which includes:

  • 30 hours of driving training 
  • 10 hours of bus inspection training 
  • 3 hours of state testing
  • 21 hours of  classroom training on the following topics: beginning bus driving, student management, first aid, safety equipment, and other important bus driver information
  • 16 hours of additional class time throughout the year
  • 6 hours of mandatory training by the state every two years that includes a test

Please note that the Walk zones for all schools, Bus rules and other important transportation updates are also available on this page.

Please contact the Transportation Department at 248-449-1245 with any questions.



Our REMIND app is back up and running.  Any updates on buses will be communicated thru this app.  Below are the instructions to sign up for your students school.

  High School  /downloads/trans_docs/high_school.pdf  

  Middle School  /downloads/trans_docs/middle_school.pdf

  Novi Meadows  /downloads/trans_docs/novi_meadows.pdf 

  Novi Woods  /downloads/trans_docs/novi_woods.pdf

  Orchard Hills  /downloads/trans_docs/orchard_hills.pdf

  Deerfield  /downloads/trans_docs/deerfield.pdf

  Parkview  /downloads/trans_docs/parkview.pdf

  Village Oaks  /downloads/trans_docs/village_oaks.pdf



If your student is involved in an after school activity at Middle School or Novi Meadows, they may take a late bus home.  Late buses only stop at the entrances to subdivisions. Please review with your student which bus they should take and where they should get off.  If you look at the "late bus by sub" it will tell you which bus your student should ride.  We are unable to give an exact time when a bus may arrive at a given stop - it just depends how many students are utilizing the bus that day.  /downloads/trans_docs/late_bus_by_sub_19-20.xls



If your high school student requires bus transportation and you live outside the walk zone, please register by sending an email to:
List your child(ren)s name, address and grade.