Emotional/Social Support

Novi High School is committed to mental health awareness.  The well-being of our students is of utmost importance.  Any student who has emotional/social concerns should seek out support with a trusted staff member.  Novi High School has five counselors and two social workers who are available to support students and families.  Counselors and social workers are housed in the Student Service Center.

Counselor Contact Information:
Mr. Zelinski          michael.zelinski@novik12.org             248.449-1514
Ms. Boedeker      erin.boedeker@novik12.org                248.449.1535
Ms. Lephart         sarah.lephart@novik12.org                 248.449.1512
Ms. Sergison       megan.sergison@novik12.org            248.449.1515
Ms. Tobis             andrea.tobis@novik12.org                  248.449.1513

Social Work Contact Information:
Ms. Fielder        deanna.fielder@novik12.org                 248.449.1282
Ms. Lorenz        katrina.lorenz@novik12.org                  248.675.3450
Ms. Tagai          danielle.tagai@novik12.org                   248.675.3454

Counselor caseloads are assigned alphabetically by last name and by graduation year.  Click here to see which counselor is assigned to your student.

Below is a list of outside resources for students in crisis:

In any emergency call 911
24/7 Crisis Text line: text HOME to 741741
24-hour support at Common Ground Sanctuary: 248.456.0909
New Oakland Family Services 24-hour emergency: 1.877.800.1650  
Oakland Family Services: 248.332.3331
National Drug Helpline: 1.800.378.4435
24-hour Violence/Abuse support through HAVEN: 248.334.1274
National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1.800.273.8255

Suicide Prevention - Community Discussion - Hosted by Oakland County Health Network - Thursday, May 23, 2019


Mental Health Awareness Flyers
Anxiety Flyer-Day 1

Tips for Reducing Anxiety-Day 1
Depression Flyer-Day 2
Natural Depression Treatments-Day 2
Suicide Prevention Flyer-Day 3
Suicide Prevention Awareness-Day 3
Self Image Flyer-Day 4
Improving Your Self Image-Day 4

Mental Health Support Resources
Stress Relief Kit Available for Purchase through ADAA
Teen Depression Statistics and Facts 
Oakland County Youth Mobile Crisis Team
Oakland County Youth Programs Directory
Oakland County Counseling Services Directory
Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency (OLHSA) - Family Resources List
Families for Depression Awareness
ADAA Online Resources
Resources for Parents and Caregivers - Children with Traumatic Stress
Tips for Parents and Caregivers
Information and Resources - Anxiety in Children
UM Depression Center
UM Depression Center RESOURCES
Health Agencies & Organizations  
Novi Youth Assistance
Oakland County Family Services

Mental Health Awareness in the News

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