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College and Post-High School Preparation


Helpful Information for Completing College Apps:

- School Code 232843
- Unique Identification Code: (UIC) View your transcript and it’s listed near your name/address labeled as       State Student ID.
- We do not rank students individually. Below are unweighted percentile ranks:
Top 9.6% is all 4.0 GPA
Top 10% is 3.98 GPA and above
Top 15% is 3.97 GPA and above
Top 20% is 3.93 GPA and above
Top 25% is 3.88 GPA and above
- Transcripts include both weighted and unweighted GPA.

The following information provides useful information to aid your preparations for college:

Introduction to Naviance Letter
Counselors Letter to Seniors (regarding the Senior Meeting Packet and further instructions)
How to Request a Letter of Recommendation

Class of 2019 Senior Meeting Packet  

Average Admissions Data for Michigan Schools
College Planning Powerpoint
Campus Visit Checklist
College Application and Financial Aid Timeline
College Application Checkist
College and Financial Aid Search Websites
Keys to Making the Correct College Choice
Understanding the Selection Process
Writing College Application Essays

Additional Post Secondary Options


 Current students request transcripts through Naviance

Instructions for requesting a Lettter of Recommendation 

The link above provides you with the ability to request transcripts. Transcripts requested online are sent securely to the colleges, universities, or scholarship funds that you select. You may track your request online, and you will also receive an email notification when we approve your transcript request, and again when your transcript is delivered. .


An Educational Development Plan (EDP) is a plan of action in which students identlfy and record career goals and an educational pathway to achieve objectives.  The purpose of an EDP is to develop an on-going record of academic and course preparation that will guide students in taking effective steps to enter or to advance careers of choice.

Career Cruising Features

Novi Community School District provides Career Cruising as a tool for students to explore and create their EDP in an electronic format.  Anywhere you can access the internet you can access your EDP through Career Cruising.  Course Planner is a part of Career Cruising and is the tool used to make a 4 year plan for high school.  

An overview is available by clicking here

To log in to Career Cruising, click here

Career Cruising Help?
Contact Mrs. Kerbrat, our career development facilitator, if you need any help with password information, choosing majors and/or colleges. She can also help with essay writing, diversity statement writing, financial aid information and scholarship searches. She can be reached at or 248-449-1212 ext. 9678. She is located in room 235 at Novi High School.


So you are interested in the Military? There's more than one way to get there!  Click here for an overview!

If you would like to speak personally one of the Military branches, they have scheduled lunch visits to the high school. You can learn more right here at school!

Branches of the Military
Air Force
Coast Guard  
ROTC-Reserve Officer Training Corps

Academy Admissions
Air Force Academy
Merchant Marines Academy
Naval Academy
West Point Military Academy