International Baccalaureate


The world’s leading universities recognize the IB Diploma Programme courses as an academically challenging and balanced that prepares students for success at university and life beyond. The programme is taught over two years (junior and senior) and courses are assessed with a combination of internal assessments (given in class) and external assessments (May exams). The IB Diploma Programme, requires students to take six courses in five or six disciplines, in addition to completing their Creativity, Activity and Service projects, writing an Extended Essay, and analyzing their own thinking in a Theory of Knowledge course. The links below provide information and research regarding the programme.

NHS IB Coordinator: Alaina Brown,

2018-19 IB Programme Calendar (Dates and Deadlines) - please update with PDF emailed

2019-20 School Year IB Programme Calendar (Dates and Deadlines)


The following links will become active at 11:00 am on Monday, October 4.  

You may only register ONCE, so prior to submitting the form, confirm with your teachers that you are registering for the right exams. 

Please refer to the "AP/IB Testing Calendar,"  to anticipate potential testing conflicts. If there is a conflict, please register late for your AP exams, as IB does not offer late exams.

Students must register from their Novi student email account, outside accounts will not work.

Once students complete the registration form, a PDF will be emailed to them (check spam). Please print the PDF and bring it along with a check made out to Novi High School to Mrs. Brown in Student Services office by October 18. Mrs. Brown will be available from 3rd hour until 2:30pm.

Each exam costs $119, IB is no longer charging the $172 registration fee!!!!


IB at Novi High School

NCSD Academic Integrity Policy
NCDS Assessment Policy
IB Admissions Policy

Diploma Programme General Regulations for students and their legal guardians


AP/IB Infographic
IB Diploma Programme Course Prerequisites & Course Offerings
IB Language Policy

IB Research

Global Findings Research on the IB Diploma
IB Research Brief: First College Courses Taken by IB Students
IB Research Brief: Postsecondary Enrollment Patterns of IB Certificate  and Diploma Candidates.
Info Sheet:  Student Engagement Among IB and Non-IB Students in the US
Research Summary: Academic Performance of IB Students
Research Summary: High School Student Engagement among IB and non-IB students
School-University Transition Project
Working to My Potential: Postsecondary Experiences


Case Studies: Participation and Performance in the IB Diploma Programme  

IB Documents

IB Course Descriptions
IB Programme Brochure
Language & Learning
Learning in a Language other than Mother Tongue
Guidelines for Developing a School Language Policy
Programme Standards & Practices
IB Learner Profile  
From Principles to Practice 


CAS Student Handbook  - see Mr. Capuano in room 250 for more information

CAS-RF Reflection Form  

CAS-OL Organization List   





additional Links

IB - Creativity, Activity, Service Program Documents

CAS Student Handbook  
CAS-RF Reflection Form  
CAS-OL Organization List