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Okay - I heard of 'DI' but WHAT is DI?

Destination ImagiNation (DI) is an extraordinary, award-winning, international program that teaches creative problem-solving to students.  In Novi,it is run as an extra-curricular activity, with teams forming in late September. 

WHO can participate?

All Novi students can participate!   There are five grade divisions;  Rising Stars (noncompetitive for K - 2nd grade), Elementary (3rd - 5th), Middle (6th - 8th), Secondary (9th - 12th) and University.  Up to seven students can be on a team, and each team must have an adult Team Manager.  Team Managers help students stay on track but DO NOT DIRECTLY help the team develop their solution to the DI Challenge.  Team Managers are usually a parent or relative of one of the team members. 

HOW does it work?

Every September, there are six new DI challenges published from which may choose.  Generally, there is a challenge that focuses on each of the following areas;  technical, scientific, theatrical, improvisational, structural and community service.  Each challenge has a variety of requirements that must be includedi in the team's solution.  Teams present their unique solution at the Regional Tournament in March.  The highest scoring teams continue on to the State Tournament in April.  The highest scoring teams in the state earn the privilege of representing Michigan at the Global Finals event over Memorial Day weekend.

WHEN do teams meet?

Teams typically meet weekly from early Fall through February or March when the Regional Tournament occurs.  Team members (and parents) along with their Team Manager decide when and how often they will meet.   The frequency and length of the meetings depend on a number of factors including the age of the team and the challenge the choose. 

WHERE do teams meet?

Teams meet at one of the team members' homes.  Often it is the Team Manager's home, but it doesn't have to be.  The team just needs a safe space with enough room to be creative and have fun.

WHY do DI?

DI participants gain life skills such as creative problem-solving, decision making, teamwork and time management.  Since every idea included in the team's solution comes from the team members and ONLY the team members, participants are in charge and empowered.   The best reason to do DI is because it is FUN!

Sounds great, but I'm not sure my child is "right" for DI 

There is no typical "DI" participant. Some participants are very artistic, while others aren't. Some participants love being the center of attention, while others prefer going unnoticed in the background. Some participants love building things while others prefer to write.  There are no special talents required except for a desire to participate. There is a way for every participant to contribute and every participant will gain from the DI experience.  Participants will enjoy using the skills they already have and are often surprised when they discover unknown talents or interests. 

I think my child is too young for DI

There are four age categories within the Novi DI program.  The youngest participants (K - 2nd grade) have a special age appropriate non-competitive challenge (called Rising Stars), that exposes them to the DI process in a fun and and supportive environment.  The other three age categories (3rd - 5th grade, 6th - 8th grade, and 9th - 12th grade) compete only against other teams in their age category.  Since all the ideas and work for a team's solution must be done ONLY by the team members (without adult influence or assistance) we along with the tournament appraisers expect that a 3rd grade team and a 9th grade team will have very different solutions to the same challenge - but it doesn't matter since they only compete against teams in their age group.     

I think my high school student is too old for DI

There are many benefits of participating in DI in high school.  DI participation counts as a National Honor Society activity and looks great on college applications.  Both the Michigan Creativity Association (the state DI organization) and the national DI organization offer scholarships for DI participants. 

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