DI @ Novi High School

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Looking for something that looks great on college apps and is fun?  


NHS Destionation Imagination is for you!


This is how it works...

 1)  You can sign up with friends or we can put you on a team.  Teams need to be 4 - 7 kids.  There are no cuts, and everyone contributes.

 2)  You and your team decide when and where you will meet, what challenge you want to do, and how you will solve the challenge.  With six challenges from which to choose, you are sure to find something interesting.  Click HERE to see a preview of the challenges - but remember, this preview shows only the requirements - you can add anything else your team wants to add (if it doesn't say you can't do something - you can!).

 3)  You and your team work on solving the challenge you selected.  While each challenge has specific requirements, you are free to incorporate anything that interests you; robotics and engineering, scientific and alternative energy sources, creative arts and theatrical elements, or maybe you would rather do improv - it is all up to you.  Parents and other adults CAN NOT tell you what to do or how to do it.

 4)  You present your solution at competitions.  The first competition is the Regional Competition in March.  If you do well, your team may move on to the State Competition in April, and even on to the Global Competition in May.

Questions?  Want to learn more?   Find out more  by emailing us at:   novischoolsdi2014@gmail.com.