Novi Middle School: Partnerships


Have You Made the Change?

Many of our families participate in the Target Take Charge of Education, Busch's Cash for Education, Meijer Community Rewards programs that funnel funds into our PTO budget. Lots of you might have been part of the program through your elementary school or Meadows, so now is time to make the change and see that donations are funneled to the Middle School.

Since the PTO started working with Target, Busch's and Meijer, these companies have combined to donate more than $10,000. The PTO uses this money to fund educational purchases and academic experiences for Novi Middle School students. The great thing about both of these programs is how easy they are to take advantage of-both retailers are nearby and frequented by so many of our families. Target and Meijer simply make donations based on a percentage of each sale to the customer's designated organization. If you've never participated in these programs before, you can visit these websites to get information on how to begin the process.

The changes are easy to make with a quick visit to the following websites:

Target Take Charge of Education  or call 1-800-316-6142

Meijer Community Rewards: (Code is 376621)

Busch's Cash for Education

Click on the links below for more information         

              Busch's Cash for Education


               Target Take Charge of Education


                        Box Tops for Education


                      Meijer Community Rewards