NMS Clubs and Activities

Novi Middle School Clubs

Art Club: Art Club meets every Tuesday in room 314 (art room) from 2:30 - 4:15. The club members vote on the project they will work on.  Students may also work independently if they are not interested in the group's selected activities. Students are welcome to participate for part of the year or the entire year. Students may leave for an athletic season and rejoin when their season is over. Learn more by contacting Mr. Erskine at alexander.erskine@novik12.org or in room 314.

Chamber Club:  Chamber Club meets every Tuesday in room 602 (orchestra room) from 2:30 - 4:15.  The club members consist mostly of 7th and 8th grade orchestra students who would like to work more on new music and orchestra leadership outside of class.  These students get the opportunity to perform at events such as the Light Up the Night Festival, Middle School Variety Show and the Orchestra Final Concert!  Contact Ms. Hickey for more information at samantha.hickey@novik12.org

Contemporary/Modern Dance: We welcome anyone who wants to dance and offer class for any level of dancer. Dance Club meets after school on most Mondays. Contact Ms. Ross for more information at nicole.ross@novik12.org

Dance Club: Did you know that the high school has a full dance program? Dance club was created to introduce dance to middle school students.  Dance Styles you will learn include: Hip Hop, Jazz, and

Fiber Arts Club: Interested in learning to knit or crochet? This club meets twice a month. Learn the basic stitches of knitting or crocheting. If you have any questions contact Mrs. Lieberman at sarah.lieberman@novik12.org.

Game Club: Game Club will meet twice a month on Monday's in room 110 from 2:35 to 4:15.  At game club, students can play a variety of board games and card games.  Students may choose from the many games available at game club or bring their own.  Students may also bring their own handheld gaming device, especially with games that have a multiplayer option, such at Mario Kart.  Contact Ms. Morgan at taylor.morgan@novik12.org for more information.

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA): Join the Gay-Straight Alliance and become a culture changer. The GSA is a club dedicated to creating unity, support, advocacy and a community for persons and families who identify as LGBTQ alongside their allies. We meet throughout the entire school year in room 422 every other Monday beginning October 15th. All are welcome!!! Contact Ms. M organ at taylor.morgan@novik12.org

Golf Club: Come out in the Spring to learn correct fundamentals, game techniques and course strategy that will serve as a solid foundation for golf.  Each student will be exposed to golf in a way that is fun and enjoyable! All experience levels are welcome, but you need to bring your own clubs.  Limited spaces available, please contact Mrs. Wesner kimberly.wesner@novik12.org for more information or stop by the Media Center to see her.

Interact Club: Interested in community service?  Interact, the student branch of Rotary, organizes and participates in service projects that benefit our school and community.  We meet throughout the entire school year. All are welcome! 

Jazz Band: Jazz Band meets once or twice a week starting in November in room 604 (Band Room) from 2:30 until 4:15.  The club members consist mostly of 7th and 8th grade band students who would like to work on a new style of music outside of class.  Students will work on different jazz styles like swing, rock, and funk while also learning about improvisation.  These students get the opportunity to perform at events such as the Staff vs. Students Bubble Ball Game, Middle School Variety Show, and the Spring Band Concert!  Contact Mr. Ronning at adam.ronning@novik12.org.

Math Club:  Math Club is both an individual event as well as a team event. Students meet with their grade level to practice and compete in areas including speed, accuracy, problem solving, and mathematical reasoning. 

Paw Print Newspaper:  Join the Paw Print staff and author news articles that will help the middle school's students and staff learn about the latest happenings at NMS, in Novi, and around the world.  Email Mr. Fenchel at kenneth.fenchel@novik12.org  or see him in room 128 for more information.

Science Olympiad:  Science Olympiad is an extracurricular educational program with a mission to inspire the next generation of scientists, health professionals and engineers.  Students have the opportunity to explore a variety of topics. For some activities, the experience is very “hands-on”, as students create designs, solve problems and learn the importance of teamwork.  Most Science Olympiad activities culminate in a tournament, which adds the excitement of competition.. For more information contact Debra Jodoin at debra.jodoin@novik12.org

Ski Club: Want to learn how to ski or snowboard?  Join us on the slopes of Alpine Valley Ski Resort!  Everyone welcome, you do not need to attend each time, you may pay as you go.  Regardless of experience, you must attend a teach session to participate. Contact Novi Alumni and Ski Club Sponsor Mr. Kuhn for more information, kuhnie24@yahoo.com  Weather permitting.

Student Council: Class representatives are elected from each Academic 20 class.  Meetings are held once a month. Student Council leads a few special events such as Spirit Days, Activity Afternoon, Senior Citizen Luncheon and more!  Contact Ms. Morgan at taylor.morgan@novik12.org for more information.

Yearbook Photography Club: Be on the team that designs and creates a very special memory book of our year.  Learn more about how to get involved by contacting Ms. Jensen at katelyn.jensen@novik12.org or stop by room 418 to see her.                                                      

Novi Middle School Student Activities

Science Fair:  Our annual science fair is held in January; judging occurs in a closed session.  Listen for announcements in October. Qualifiers will go on to compete at the Detroit Science Fair in the Spring.  Contact Ms. Morgan at taylor.morgan@novik12.org for more information.

Spelling Bee:  In January students will compete for the one spot that will qualify for the Regional Scripps Spelling Bee – But everyone will have a great time in the process.  Information will be in the main office.

Theater/Drama:  Novi Middle School will produce a fall play and a spring musical.  Listen to announcements for audition times. Lots of roles to be filled: actors/actress, make-up, lighting, set design, publicity... come check it out!  Email Mrs. Burkhardt for information lori.burkhardt@novik12.org

Variety Show:  Held in the Spring, the Variety Show showcases the many talents of our NMS students and staff.  Audition required. Auditions and show will take place in March 2020. Watch for details.

Washington DC Trip:  Every 8th grader is invited to explore our Nation’s capital for four days in November.  Students register for this trip during January of their 7th grade year, but some openings usually remain after that time.  Email Mr. Fenchel at kenneth.fenchel@novik12.org  or see him in room 128 for more information.

Club Sponsors 2019-2020

Art Club Alex Erskine alex.erskine@novik12.org
Game Club


Golf Club Kim Wesner kimberely.wesner@novik12.org
Interact Club  
Math Club  
Paw Print Newsletter Ken Fenchel kenneth.fenchel@novik12.org
Ski Club Brett Kuhn kuhnie24@yahoo.com
Student Council Taylor Morgan taylor.morgan@novik12.org


Fall Play Lori Burkhardt lori.burkhardt@novik12.org
Spring Musical Lori Burkhardt lori.burkhardt@novik12.org
Variety Show TBD