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Outdoor Education Program 

The Outdoor Education program at Novi Meadows has been in existence since 1974, started by a group of three teachers from Village Oaks. It grew rapidly to include all of the elementary schools, moving to Novi Meadows when the current 5/6 building opened in 1978. It has seen many changes over the years as the curriculum has been refined and classes updated.

Each student will be exposed to six classes which relate to the current Novi Meadows Curriculum for science and language arts. These classes include Team Building, Water Cycle, Forest Community, Survival, Rock On, and Owls

In the Team Building class, students will do activities working as a team.  They will need to work together and use the 7 Habits to accomplish their goal! The Water Cycle class explores the water cycle and the variety of ways water can be purified.  Surprisingly, many students discover where their water at home comes from!  Rock On explores the rock cycle and rocks that are commonly found in MI.  Then they complete a "Mystery Minerals" activity along with a trip to Geology Hill!

How a forest grows is discussed in the Forest Community class. Here students are also made aware of the ways in which plants and trees aid humans and animals alike. During the Survival class students are exposed to the key elements involved in winter survival in an emergency situation. They have the opportunity to see how fire is started without the aid of matches. Students may also construct a lean-to that could provide emergency shelter in a survival situation. In the Owl class, students learn about the habitat of the owl and his role in the food chain. Students will take a hike and look for owl pellets in the coniferous forest and then return to the classroom to dissect a pellet.

Each afternoon before dinner, students will have a supervised free time period where they have the opportunity to sled, play board games, play tag, read a book, or just relax with friends.

After dinner each evening, the students are involved in two group activities. This year the activities include the movie, Wonder.   All fifth-grade classes read Wonder before coming out to camp.  Watching the movie brings the book to life and lets us refocus on accepting all people for who they are.  A second activity this year will involve a Superhero Training Activity (STA). The Academy is a custom built educational adventure that ignites creative thinking and instills life-long leadership skills.  Other evening activities the students may partake in include Antique Liars' Club, Outburst, Bingo, or a good old-fashioned camp sing-along.

After their two and half days students return home tired, but with a greater understanding and appreciation of the world and people around them.

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Rock On
Forest Community
Team Building
Water Cycle
Structured Free Time

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