Forest Community






Forest Community 

Forest Community develops student's understanding of plant succession and the animals that inhabit the various environments and plant layers.



ForEducForest Education

The Proud Lake Recreation area enables the students to see succession from a farmer's field -> a pine forest -> an oak-pine forest -> an oak climax forest. Classroom teachers share stories of how Indians made a sweet drink from Sumac, toothbrushes from Dogwood, and tea from Sassafras roots. Students have the fun of testing out their own toothbrush before returning the camp.



Nature Hike

A blackboard chat begins the class, presenting the various concepts students are expected to learn. Students take notes in their journals before going on a nature hike where they have the opportunity to see first hand the concepts modeled and discussed in class.








Students observe vaious forms of wildlife and see how succession, from a farmer's field to a climax forest takes place