NM Counseling

Welcome to the Novi Meadows Counseling page!

We are here to support all students with academic, social and emotional needs. Counselors loop with your child during their time at Novi Meadows. Currently, Mrs. Harrison works with 6th grade students (class of 2024) and Ms. Moiseeff works with 5th grade students (class of 2025). As always, feel free to contact us with concerns or questions you may have.


positive is powerful day

Wednesday, February 8th, Novi Meadows celebrated Postive is Powerday Day. This day was created by Novi Meadows students four years ago. On Positive is Powerful Day we take a few moments to recognize the greatness in one another. Each student and staff member writes a positive message on a sticker for a friend or coworker to proudly wear for the day.