The mission of P.A.A.S.N. is to partner with Novi Schools to promote a diverse academic environment and to ensure all students are successful. P.A.A.S.N. and the District are implementing solutions to help children compete globally!

P.A.A.S.N. was formed in 2006 by parents of African American Students that saw a need to have an open dialogue regarding issues and topics involving the African American Students in the Novi Community School district. Since then, P.A.A.S.N. has grown into a dynamic organization whose goal is to help all students, regardless of ethnicity, achieve their potential.

P.A.A.S.N. is a charter member of Oakland County African American Parent Network. There are currently 13 African American parent networks in Oakland County, and they all work together to offer an annual "Parent University," provide keynote speaker series, and share resources with each other. The Oakland County African American Parent Network is the first example in the country of a county-wide parent organization working together to help students.

You can learn more about P.A.A.S.N. in our Brochure and by following us on our NEW Facebook page . 

If you would like to learn more about how to get involved, please contact us at