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Parkview Kindergartners Celebrate "50" in Style

Kindergartners at Parkview Elementary have reached the 50th Day of School!  In the eyes of a little one, that's a long time! To celebrate that day, teachers, parents and students participated in a fifties-era party, complete with poodle skirts and a sock-hop.

The students learned all about the number 50 in anticipation of this celebration. They counted to 50 consecutively, counted and graphed coins, counted by 5's and 10's up to 50, and wrote numbers  to 50. Students also wrote a story about what they would do if they had $50.

On the 50th Day, after walking 50 steps from their classroom to the school cafeteria, the students participated in various activities reminiscent of the 1950s.  Slinkies, jacks, yo-yo's, drop the clothepin in the bottle, jump ropes, limbo, and dances  were popular during this era.