Reading Workshop

Second grade students participate in a variety of activities to become successful readers. A daily reading workshop in the second grade classroom begins with a whole group lesson targeting a specific reading strategy or skill. Some comprehension strategies focused on this year include making connections, visualizing, making inferences, wondering, determining important ideas, and exploring text structures. Students have many opportunities to practice comprehension strategies at their reading level during the reading workshop.

Writing Workshop

Second grade students write daily during our writing workshop time. A typical writing workshop consists of a whole group mini-lesson where the teacher will model how to accomplish the desired area of learning. Then students have an opportunity to "try-it" independently as the teacher works with students either individually or in small groups to help them reach the learning target. At the end of the workshop, the students have the opportunity to share their writing with the class.

Students will be writing a variety of genres which include poetry, personal narratives, persuasive letters, research writing, and more! Once students have drafted a piece of writing, they follow the steps of the writing process to revise, edit, and publish the piece. These stories will be shared at a classroom Author's Celebration.