Why I Can’t Skip Reading Tonight

Understanding Your Child’s Reading Level

Finding Just Right books for your child…Use this Scholastic link to enter your child’s reading level and interest level.  You will be given a list of books for your child, many of which are available for purchase through Scholastic and online book orders, or at the library. 

How to help your child with reading…check out this book, 7 Keys to Comprehension.  This book helps both teachers and parents understand comprehension, and gives you advice for how to help your reader (no matter their level) 

Click here for comprehension questions to ask your child while reading with them.

Your Child and Reading Comprehension…A Minute-A-Day Commitment 

You Are What You Read!  With your parents help and permission, you can create your own BOOKPRINT on this Scholastic site .

Create Your own Book Cover or Book Jacket here !




     What happens when you don’t know what to write about?!

Try writing lists of things: food you like, TV shows you watch, Favorite things, etc.

Try a free write: write whatever is in your hear, even if that thought is “I don’t know what to write”

Try one of these activities on these websites:

Or download this list of writing prompts



Want to encourage your child to write?  Check out these websites to encourage your child to take risks with their writing and publish!

Blogs are a great way for kids to practice their writing skills in a real world experience.  Blogs offers students an opportunity to practice spelling, grammar, proper punctuation, and clearly communicating their message.  For more information on helping your child start a blog, download this PDF: Resources for Kids and Blogging

This PDF, Because Writing Matters, gives parents ideas for helping your child with writing at home.

Being able to write a compare/contrast essay is an important skill for third grade and beyond.  This link will take you to a great tutorial on writing a compare/contrast paper.

Sometime, writing a compare/contrast paper can be difficult.  This online, interactive site helps your child build their own compare/contrast essay.  It is a great tool for writing a compare/contrast essay!

Scholastic has a great story starter website to practice writing at home.  Check it out!



Fun With Words!

These websites offer great fun with word clouds like the ones to the left.  Word clouds are fun for spelling, sight words, publishing, and visual thinking.  Use any of the links below for great word cloud applications.

ABCYa! Word Clouds



More Fun with Words…Word Games

Free Rice Vocabulary

8 Letters in Search of a Word

Text Twist




The Story of Ordering Books from Scholastic


  Visit Scholastic to order books online via the teacher page for your child’s third grade teacher.

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