Red Ribbon Week
Red Ribbon


October 26-30, 2015

Red Ribbon Week’s purpose is to present a united and visible commitment toward a Drug Free America.  The goal is awareness and education about the harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.   In conjunction with Red Ribbon Week and our Leader In Me training, we would like to celebrate all of the healthy habits and attitudes that help us make the right choices in our lives.  Please discuss the following themes with your child, and help us celebrate by encouraging students to participate each day, along with the red ribbon bracelet they will receive in school on Monday.

MONDAY                 Team Up Against Bullying Day          Synergize

Wear sports team or activity jerseys (a team you are on or a college/professional team) to show that we all win when we are on the same team against bullying!  Respecting each other and always doing the right thing even when nobody is looking puts us all on a winning team. 

TUESDAY                 Sock It to Drugs                       Think Win-Win

Wear crazy socks today to show that we all win when we don’t allow drugs, alcohol or tobacco to be a part of your life.

WEDNESDAY             Hairs to Healthy Choices        Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood


Wear a crazy hat or make your hair crazy today to celebrate your healthy choices such as eating fruits and vegetables, washing your hands, drinking water and getting rest.  And never allow drugs, alcohol or tobacco to be part of your life.    

THURSDAY               Orange You Glad Day             Begin with the end in mind

 Knock-knock!  Who’s there?

Orange.            Orange who?  Orange you glad you are drug free? 

Wear orange today to show that your future is so much brighter when you plan ahead and set goals for yourself.  Envision your future with no drugs, alcohol and tobacco and just say no to ensure a bright and successful future!

FRIDAY                   Red Ribbon Day                         Be Proactive 

Wear your red ribbon bracelet for all to see.  When we are proactive, we take responsibility for ourselves, and make the promise to say "NO" to drugs, alcohol and tobacco.