Spirit Wear

Spirit Wear Sale will begin mid-October

DELIVERY: Items will be delivered within 2 weeks after the sale ends.

We are actively selling Display Case Textiles which are located here .  Please contact a committee member to purchase.  Thank you for your support.

Spirit Wear Program

The Parkview Spirit Wear program exists to promote school and school district pride through the purchase of Novi & Parkview Wildcats-branded merchandise. Secondly, it serves as a fundraiser.  A portion of the Spirit Wear Sales support Parkview programs through the Parkview PTO. 

4th Grade Grad Shirts

The fourth grade grad shirts are available to order until October 3rd.  

  • Order Form is located here.  
  • Fill out the order form
  • Make Check Payable to Printnology, Inc.
  • Return the form to your classroom teacher

    Spirit Wear Committee


  • Identify/Work with vendor to determine products, logos, colors, & pricing for sales.  Maintain a database of all items offered.  Work with vendor to create or reuse current logos.  Allow students to take the LEAD and vote on upcoming logos when applicable.
  • Create a program for a Fall and Spring Sale.  Offer a variety of items and logos for each sale.  Include popular and new items for each sale.  Distribute posters throughout school and flyers to all students and staff members. 
  • Work with vendor to create a website for online sales.  This was completed for the Fall 2013 sale by current vendor.  Compare website updates with current offerings.
  •  Offer online ordering at various school functions.  (Open House, Conferences, Kindergarten Round-Up, etc.)  Have samples available for viewing and allow families to order via media center computer when feasible.  If an inventory is kept, it may be possible to sell items at these events and deliver on the spot.
  • Delivery.  Work with students/teachers to deliver textiles to each classroom after each sale.