Kindergarten Motion Olympics

Yearbook Delivery

The Parkview Yearbook will be delivered near the end of the school year in June and likely during the last week of school.  If you purchased one and are moving, please make arrangements to drop off a pre-paid/pre-addressed envelope in the office to ensure delivery or make arrangements with a friend.

Yearbook Program

The Parkview Yearbook Program exists to capture memories of school wide events, classroom activity, etc. to publish a yearbook full of lasting memories.

Yearbook Committee

YEARBOOK CHAIR AND ASSISTANT CHAIR(S):  Meet with yearbook publisher to define yearbook requirements and establish deadlines and assemble pictures from school activities along with student school pictures to publish a yearbook.  Assistant Chair may help with Website Photo Galleries, if trained. 

YEARBOOK CHAIR:  Maintains a digital copy of all images submitted and may post photos to the photo galleries on the Parkview Website, if trained.

YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHERS from each grade and/or class to attend student activities throughout the year to take photos and forward to chair using links on Yearbook Committe Webpage for possible placement in yearbook and/or Parkview website. Student activities include any school events as well as classroom events/field trips.  Not required to attend all events.  WE NEED VOLUNTEERS FOR THE 2016-2017 SCHOOL YEAR.

4th GRADE BABY PICTURE COORDINATORS: Need a volunteer from each 4th grade class to work to obtain baby pictures of every 4th grade child for placement in the yearbook.  In some cases, assistant chair or coordinators may have to scan baby pictures.  Use class checklist, email and forms for collecting pictures. 

If you love photography and are interested in joining our team for the 2016-2017 year, please contact us.


Yearbook Photographers/Parent Volunteers

  • Do you want to contribute to the yearbook?  Upload up to 5 of your favorite snapshots per event here.  If you would like to volunteer for certain school events, please contact Lynette.

  • Check back soon for a link to sign up for certain events.