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Teaching and Learning

The transformative power of a high-quality education is our core belief around teaching and learning. Each student in our community public school district deserves every opportunity to earn an education that will open the door to living the life they deserve. The driving force of our team's work is to provide these opportunities. We look forward to standing beside you as you raise your student(s).


    MIke Giromini
    Michael Giromini
    Assistant Superintendent of  Teaching and Learning
    Phone: 248-449-1202

    Cathryn Loeffler-Park
    Executive Assistant, Teaching and Learning
    Phone: 248-449-1208

    Andy Comb
    Andrew Comb
    Director of Curriculum and Assessment
    Phone: 248-449-1226

    Emily Pohlonski
    Emily Pohlonski
    Director of Instruction
    Phone: 248-675-3160

    Spencer Rlley
    Spencer Riley
    Director of English Language Development and State and Federal Programs
    Phone: 248-449-1405

    Shailee Patel
    Shailee Patel
    Director of Special Education Programs and Services
    Phone: 248-449-1413

    Sarah Kraemer

    Sarah Kraemer
    Supervisor of Alternative and Adult Education
    Phone: 248-449-1718

    Amanda Squires
    Amanda Squires
    Supervisor of Special Education
    Phone: 248-449-1252

    Andrew Saari
    Andrew Saari
    Coordinator of Special Education Transition Services
    Phone: 248-675-3162

    Shaina Simmons

    Shaina Simmons
    Coordinator of Special Education Autism Services
    Phone: 248-449-3054


    Mary Depotter
    Administrative Assistant, Special Education
    Phone: 248-449-1207


    Amal Elhage
    Secretary, Special Education

    Jacqueline Abraham
    PowerSchool System Analyst
    Phone: 248-449-1406

    Melanie Rutkowski
    Pupil Accountant
    Phone: 248-449-1235

    Cynthia Easter
    PowerSchool Data Assistant
    Phone: 248-449-1249

    Jacqueline Boboige
    Administrative Assistant, Teaching and Learning
    Phone: 248-449-1409

    Kelli Lauer
    Administrative Assistant, Teaching and Learning