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Universal Accommodations

The Novi Community School District has adopted Universal Accommodations. 

These accommodations are listed below.



  • (K-4) Students will be provided a visual schedule of their day
  • Students will have access to flexible seating options within the classroom
  • Students will have access to a flexible work location for independent work within the classroom


  • School-wide: Behavior expectations are articulated, taught, and posted in the school building and in the student handbook.
  • Classroom: Behavior expectations are articulated, taught and posted in the classroom and syllabus/etc.
  • Students will be provided verbal and non-verbal redirection prompts for off-task behavior
  • Students may utilize sensory tools within the classroom (as long as the use is appropriate)


  • Students will have access to Assistive Technology (i.e., Co-writer, Snap and Read)
  • Students will have access to a support that will help them prepare for an assessment (i.e., study guides, class notes, rubric with success criteria)
  • Students will have access to copies of class notes (if notes are being taken in class), after first attempting to take notes in class


  • Students may take pictures of planner, notes or assignments
  • Students will have access to graphic organizers for writing assignments (except for writing assessments that do not allow for the use of graphic organizers)