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2018 National Blue Ribbon School Profile

Novi Community Schools

A district focused on its’ goals.

 4 District Goals (1)

The School Improvement Process

The Village Oaks School Improvement Team is comprised of parents and staff.  They meet monthly to analyze school data and make informed decisions to implement research based strategies to improve student achievement. Below are some of the successful features of our School Improvement Plan

Reader’s Workshop/Daily 5

All classroom teaching staff at Village Oaks has implemented a Reader’s Workshop format.  Staff uses the Daily 5 management system to provide meaningful learning activities for all students and create time for individual teacher instruction.The staff has studied and will be implementing Café strategies which focus on comprehension, accuracy, vocabulary and fluency. It is our goal to provide our students with a common language and strategies geared toward their instructional reading level.

Accelerated Reading Program

Village Oaks has implemented the Accelerated Reading(AR) Program for all students in second thru third grade.  The AR program helps students be accountable for their reading and track their comprehension.  Last year our school read 11,658 AR books, which equals 91,288,149 words read.

Math Workshop

All classroom teachers will be creating a math workshop to meet the learning needs of all students.  Students will engage in meaningful learning activities support by technology and based at their skill level.  Classroom teachers will be able to provide small group and individual instruction to meet the wide range learning needs

Students as Leaders

The students and staff of Village Oaks will be implementing Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective kids.  Students will be tracking academic progress through the use of a data notebook while setting academic, behavior and personal goals.  Each student will be a member of a K-4 Villa where staff will lead them in discussions regarding the seven habits.

Parents as Partners

Village Oaks has a wonderful parent organization known as VOICE.  Our families support our school financially and through their volunteer efforts.  Each year they sponsor numerous family activities and special programs for our students.