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Razkids                Tumble Books     

                                                                                           Log-In for Tumblebooks  


                                                                                                     You will need a Novi Public Library Card                                                                                                                                    to access this site.


                          IXL Math & Literacy         


Renaissance Learning               Everyday Mathematics    


MI e library            ETC Criterion                   

Prepdog                                                                   MAP Math


Prep Dog                                                                                




Accelerated Reader Information

Accelerated Reader Log-In (Over the summer, quizzes can be taken at the Novi Public Library)

Accelerated Reader Home-Connect Log-in (Helps you to regulate your child's AR progress)

AR Bookfinder (helps you to find book levels and if a book is an AR)


NOTE: All information and materials on this site can also be found in your child's summer bag of materials that was sent home with your child in June.

Any questions, please feel free to contact Melissa Carruth, Village Oaks Media Specialist at