VO Social Work



VO Social Work Services

Small groups- I meet with small groups of students to help them improve their skills in the areas of conflict resolution, executive functioning, emotional regulation, interpersonal relationships and more!

Counseling- I meet with students individually to help them through life challenges, including bereavement, divorce and other major adjustments.

Character Education- I teach lessons to entire classrooms using the research-based Second Step curriculum. 

Peer-to-Peer Support program- Students who have strong social skills are matched with a peer who is working on improving their social skills. Students meet together in a small group and practice their cooperative play and friendship-building skills.

Resources- I coordinate a weekend food program, holiday gift program and more! Also, if you are ever interested in learning about resources in a particular area, feel free to ask!

Events- I host an annual welcome breakfast for new families, parenting workshop using the research-based 1-2-3 Magic program, cultural competency presentations for staff and fun student assemblies.