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Support  Voice  through your everyday shopping...


* Every year, Busch's will donate up to $200,000 to participating organizations through Cash For Education!


  • To enroll in Cash for Education, log into your MyWay account through and click the Cash for Education icon. (Don’t have a MyWay account? Sign up at and enjoy easier shopping and savings!) PDF Document

  • Choose up to four organizations that you would like to support per quarter. You may also include the student you’re supporting. 

  • Start shopping! Every purchase you make will earn rewards for your designated organization(s), just be sure to use your MyWay card or phone number at checkout. 

  • Your organization(s) receive a check quarterly for your participation. 

  • There are no rules on how much you have to spend or how you pay for your groceries. 

  • You can change your organizations at any time. AND….You gain the benefits of being a MyWay member with access to online shopping, exclusive offers, coupons and more! 

  • Reminder: You must have a valid email address and opt-in to receive emails to participate in this program. You can check this information under My Account > Account Overview when logged into MyWay. 

Busch's Cash For Education

You can help Village Oaks just by buying groceries at KROGER!


Every time you shop for groceries and swipe your Kroger card, Village Oaks automatically starts earning a rebate. It’s easy -- just register your Kroger Card on an account and select Village Oaks.

Once registered, you will see the Village Oaks name on the bottom of your shopping receipts.

For those of you already enrolled in the Kroger rewards program, it is time to renew your card!  Please see information below to renew or enroll in the Kroger rewards program!  Thank you for your support!  

Members do need to re-enroll between April 1st 2016 and May 1st 2016 for the May 1st start of the program.  

  • To re-enroll on-line they just simply go to   
  • click “sign in”
  • enter email and password
  • click “enroll now”
  • put in the NPO number or part of the organization's name
  • check the correct group
  • click “enroll”

Once completed they are then enrolled for the charity earnings during May 1st 2016 to April 30th 2017. 

If someone re-enrolls after May 1st they will only earn from the day they enrolled until April 30th 2017. 

If it is the first time a member is enrolling they will be prompted to register their Kroger card into the program. 

Anyone having an issue with their email address or password can call 1-800-KROGERS for customer service.