Teacher Luncheon Raffle


Get ready for a chance to win a Special Day enjoying Lunch with your Favorite Teacher or giving Mrs. Burnham a day off by becoming the Village Oaks Principal for a Day! 



Write your student's name on the back of the GREEN "SPECIAL FUN DAY" TICKETS & drop them in the Gym from 5:30-7:30pm the night of Spring Fling. Winners will be announced at school on Monday, May 1. The Teacher Luncheon will be held on Friday, May 12. The Principal For A Day will be scheduled based on availability. Eligibility limited to current Village Oaks students only.


WE ASKED: "Hey Teachers, who was your favorite teacher and why?"


Mrs. Burnham


sue burnham

"Ms. Kent, my High School Journalism teacher. She inspired me to develop my passion for writing and believed in me."

Mrs. Lessway



"Mr. Bradley...he made learning fun and engaging."

Mrs. Myrand



 "My first grade teacher, Miss Kabasa, because I remember her bringing her family to school to meet us, and I thought that was so special! She was also very energetic and made learning fun!"

Mrs. Malczewski



"Mrs. Dodson. She and I had the same first name, Diana, and I thought it was super cool! She also loved my older brothers and always told me stories from when they were in her class."

Mrs. Courtemanche


"Mrs. English (5th and 6th grade). She was the first teacher that truly believed that I was capable of more than what I was showing."


Ms. Ager


"Mrs. Hutchison. She was kind and loving and very patient. She really challenged me to grow as a reader and writer."

Mrs. Prasad-Heintz


"Ms. Hunt. She told jokes and made learning fun!"

Mrs. Smith

First Grade


"Miss Perry! She ran my first 5K with me when I was in 6th grade and made me feel so special when my mom was very sick and in the hospital for an extended time."

Mrs. Hofbauer

First Grade



Mrs. Rice

First Grade

"My favorite teacher was Mr. Good. He truly cared about his students and made each one of us feel special and important. He also made learning history fun by doing games with us."

Miss Paulk

First Grade


"My third grade teacher, Mrs. Bloome. She was always there to help me when needed but also found ways to challenge and interest me."

Mrs. Secord

First Grade

"My favorite teacher was Miss Secord because she was nice. Really, her name was Secord!"

Mrs. Fosdick

Second Grade


"Mrs. Quinn because she was always encouraged me to do my best."

Mrs. Siarto

Second Grade


"Mrs. Fox...she came to my house to teach me because I was sick for most of first grade. She made it fun and made me forget about not being in school."




 Mrs. Cyrus will be on maternity leave during this year's Teacher Luncheon. Let's wish her all the best!

Mrs. Brostman

Second Grade

"My first grade teacher, Miss Good, because she challenged me to read as many books as I could!"

Mrs. Corwin

Third Grade

"My fifth grade teacher, Mr. Beebe because he was funny and made learning fun."

Mrs. Saven

Third Grade


"Mrs. Morris because she was so kind and thoughtful to me when I moved to her class from another school. I will always remember how much she cared."

Mrs. Hand

Third Grade

"My first grade teacher, Mrs. Holland. She showed me that school is a FUN place, that I was smarter than I ever thought possible, and gave the best hugs."

Mrs. Priest

Third Grade


"Mrs. Bushong because she always encouraged me to go further than I thought I could. She challenged me and celebrated when I achieved."

Mrs. Cracraft

Fourth Grade


"My second grade teacher, Mrs. Smock because she was very nice and always smiled. She made every student feel important."

Mr. Guilmette

Fourth Grade



Mrs. Ashkanani

Fourth Grade

"Ms. Huizenga because she was ahead of her time. She was innovative and energetic. Ms. Huizenga brought passion to teaching and learning!"

Mrs. Pas

Fourth Grade

"Mr. Gutman because he believed in me. He was also a Spartan and is the reason I wanted to go to Michigan State!"

Mrs. Carruth



"Miss Eggleton. She was my 1st grade teacher. She made me smile each day and was the reason why I love to read today. I will never forget her name as she taught me that it was Egg-Let-On and she always believed in me as a leader and a reader!"

Dr. Ellis




Mrs. Hurley



"Mrs. Conley in 4th grade. She really encouraged and praised me for my creativity and I remember feeling great learning that about myself."

Mr. Belanger

Physical Education

"Ms. Muir, because she believed in me and always thought the best of me."

Mrs. Hare

Literacy Specialist

Miss Elster

Social Worker

"My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Herrington, because her classroom was fun and exciting every day."

Mrs. Schilling

Resource Room



Ms. Alexander


"My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Sengele, because she taught me to read."

Miss Stashonsky

Title 1

"My fifth grade teacher, Mr. Walczyk, because he was very kind and sweet to me."

Mrs. Aspinwall

Best Guest Teacher Ever

Mrs. Budlong