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Extended Absence Policy

NCSD Policy Regarding More than Ten (10) Consecutive Days of Absences

The Novi Community School District is committed to maintaining and building positive relationships with all families and community members. The district is also obligated to meet increased accountability expectations from the state in regards to student attendance records. As with all accountability matters, we see our parents as partners in supporting student learning. The district believes that accountability expectations are not obstacles when it comes to helping all students learn and reach their individual potential.

With this in mind, NCSD enacts the following policy:

Any K-12 student who is absent for more than ten (10) consecutive days will be immediately unenrolled, exited, and removed from the Novi Community School District’s classroom rosters and attendance system, on the 11th day. NCSD enacts this policy to ensure that our attendance system continues to align with state mandated pupil accounting practices which includes providing evidence of accurate, daily attendance.

More than ten (10) consecutive days of absences includes, but is not limited to, vacation time and unreported, extended illness. If your child experiences an extended illness, please communicate with your child’s/ student’s building principal so that the principal can communicate with you about appropriate next steps. The principal may also be able to provide you with help and support. The district is also legally required to take special and extraordinary steps when tracking extended medical illness. If you are planning a ten (10) day, extended vacation, or if you are taking your student out of NCSD schools for other reasons, please know that your student will be unenrolled from the district after ten (10) days pass. Ten (10) absences will be recorded. Then, if the student has not returned on the eleventh day, he or she will be unenrolled.

Extended absences can impact a student’s learning, his or her academic records or academic status, in negative ways that may not always be obvious to parents. For instance, after ten (10) consecutive extended absences, the district cannot guarantee that your student will have the same teacher or the same schedule upon returning. Of course, district staff will always do whatever can be done to ensure student learning needs are met.

NCSD aims to help all students grow and achieve each year. Extended absences hinder a student’s potential to be the best he or she can be. The district understands that some extended absences may be unavoidable, but regardless of reason, when a student misses more than ten (10) consecutive days, he or she will be unenrolled on the eleventh day if the student does not return.

Students who are unenrolled, or exited, as a result of this Ten-consecutive-days-absent policy, can register again upon returning to the Novi Community School District. Please see the Re-enrollment Procedure on the NCSD website and contact the Novi Community Education Office to register again.

We will always welcome you back to our schools and community if you find that your family has to leave for an extended period of time.

For questions about this matter, please contact your building principal or Jeff Dinkelmann, Director of Student Growth and Accountability. Jeff Dinkelmann
| Dir. of Student Growth and Accountability | Novi Community School District 25345 Taft Road | Novi, MI 48374 |248-449-1412 | Developing each student's potential with a world-class education.

Revised May 2022